Table of (dis)Contents


   An Explanation of Everything
   Table of (dis)Contents
   Text only

   When I was Born
   Reactionary Vicarious Self- Identification
   Myself in the Mirror
   I am what I am
   Up to me
   I'm gonna
   All directions
   One year and several lifetimes later...
   Utterly Normal
   Everywhere I Go
   I'm a spoiled rotten brat
   Three Dreams

The Trail of Weirdness
   On the Trail of Weirdness
   Let Go
   Returning to the Trail of Weirdness
   Spaghetti Sauce from Scratch
   A Little Bit Crazy
   A Dayís Drive
   Lost and Found on the Trail of Weirdness
   Bottomless Pit
   Love is not the answer
   To go home...
   Day in Day out

   Open Letter to America
   The Mask
   American Dream
   Donít Vote!
   July Fourth Aftermath
   A Perfect World
   Listen: open letter to the middle class
   A Good Trade
   Have a Nice Day
   Deconstructing the American Dream and Moving Beyond Political Correctness
   The Truth and the Lie
   Within this Reality
   Sitting on a Cloud
   Social Justice
   Valentine's Day
   Save the World (turned upside down)
   Today's Twisted Track
   Dear God
   Most Folks

Now Spread Out
   Experience Yourself
   Sunrise Prayer
   Prayer Epilogue
   Imaginary Distinctions
   Broken Hearts
   Do not be afraid
   Something New
   Fuck All Y'all - a love poem
   Mine is a lot like Mine

   A walk in the woods
   Be Gay
   On meeting Khalfani X Khaldun
   On meeting Iyapo X Adisa
   Albert's Hand
   The Heaviest Burden
   She Named Herself
   Remembering Grandma
   From Dream to Life

   Anarchy is only the best of me
   Why is anarchy such a bad word?
   Conceiving Anarchy
   Government is Normal
   Super Rant from Hell
   The Opposite of Reality
   The poor will always be with us
   Remember Justice Crucified
   Granting Rights
   Cultural Confluence
   To-do list of a Dictator-for-a-Day