It may be returning again after so long. Who can say really what we will make of it. Maybe we’ve clouded our own vision for the ecstasy of clearing it. Maybe we’ve created our own prison for the ecstasy of release.

When prisoners of thoughts begin to think, when prisoners of words begin to speak, when prisoners of songs begin to sing, when prisoners of habit begin to be, well, “happiness is just a chant away.”

It will take an army of lovers commanded by their consciences and armed with creativity to clear a path to our future.

When prisoners of destruction begin to create, when prisoners of death begin to live, when prisoners of nightmares begin to dream, when prisoners of decay begin to grow, well, “happiness is just a chant away.”

It will take all of us thinking our own thoughts, speaking our own words, singing our own songs, being our own beings, creating our own creations, living our own lives, dreaming our own dreams, growing our own futures to clear a path to our own release into that world of worlds where people care about each other and are nice to one another.