Anti - one that is opposed to or against; of the same kind, but situated opposite, exerting energy in the opposite direction, counteracting; opposite, reverse, inverse; serving to prevent, cure neutralize or alleviate; combating or defending against; that counteracts, that operates against; rivaling; having the superficial aspect, but not the usual characteristics of; used freely in combination with elements of any origin (multiple sources consolidated)

Copyright – the mark of intellectual property; grants exclusive and legal rights to reproduce, publish, sell or distribute the copyrighted material; restricts or limits the publication, distribution and dissemination of intellectual property; delays or prevents entrance into the public domain; laws that regulate the use of the work of a creator (multiple sources consolidated)

Author’s definition: democratization of information

All original material at is anti-copyright. The only thieves are those who claim to possess. The copyright is a sure sign of a thought-thief. To claim a thought as your own discredits the idea. To keep a thought to yourself devalues the idea. So read my mind because the thoughts therein are yours as well. What use is an idea kept as a secret? Secret ideas only serve the interests of selfishness and paranoia. These thoughts came through me, what thoughts come through you? Honor the idea that chooses you as an interpreter. Shout it, sing it, speak it, write it, paint it, sculpt it, play it, love it, give it, release it, share it, create it.


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Ps. If by chance you take advantage of the anti-copyright and, indulge me here, reuse any materials from this site online or in print, please include the following credit: "…as offered by"

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Obviously, the anti-copyright does not apply to any materials clearly presented as others’ work. It should, but that’s not up to me, obviously.