An Explanation
of Everything

This site is a rough and clumsy attempt to post my brain on the World Wide Web. While you can use the navigator (lower right of every page) to proceed in as logical a progression as I could come up with (using the right/east/ 3-o-clock arrow, “next stop along the way”), I encourage you to allow yourself to get lost in the random neural connections (offered in the center of the navigator and other places...) that more accurately reflect the intertwined associations between the different times, places, experiences, thoughts and dreams that inhabit my little reality.

Along the way, you may be distracted by random SNIPPETS (or not so random, as the case may be). SNIPPETS, which are clearly identified as such, are seemingly lost in cyber space and presumably floating around my cybermind – cyberfarts, for lack of a better term. Use your back button to find where you were (or are, or will be, as the case may be), or proceed at your own risk.

For those of you seeking order in an otherwise orderless world (or for those of you seeking odors in an otherwise odorless world, as the case may be), I have attempted to categorize the contents of my cyberbrain into the following pigeon holes:

Eye – I – Aye: Personal reflections along the way (upper left/northwest/11-o-clock arrow)

The Trail of Weirdness: The way (upper/north/12-o-clock arrow)

Psychobabble: Some bullshit that happens along the way (upper right/northeast/1-o-clock arrow)

Now Spread Out: Some (mostly) nicer things that happen along the way (lower right/southeast/5-o-clock)

Others: Some others encountered along the way (lower/south/6-o-clock arrow)

Anarchy: The lens through which I perceive the way (lower left/southwest/7-o-clock arrow)