Eye - I - Aye

Eye - the organ of sight or light sensitivity in vertebrates, usually occurring in pairs; the ability to see; somebody’s attention or gaze; a look, or the facial expression of a person looking; an ability to recognize and appreciate something; a point of view or way of thinking; a dark round patch on a potato tuber, from which a new shoot grows; a hole in the top of a needle for passing a thread through; a loop, usually metal, into which a small hook fits, used as a means of fastening two parts of a garment together; a calm area at the center of a storm; to look at something or somebody inquisitively (multiple sources consolidated)

I - the ninth letter of the alphabet in modern English, and in other languages that use the Roman alphabet; the Roman numeral for 1; a pronoun used by a speaker or writer to refer to himself or herself (multiple sources consolidated)

Aye - used to say yes; a vote in favor of a motion, or somebody who casts a vote in favor; always or forever (multiple sources consolidated)

Author's definition: mi, meyeself and aye - and who knows who else; me, which, as with all y’all, is intimately infinite and magnificently mysterious, especially, as with all y’all to yourselves, to me

When I was Born

Myself in the Mirror

I am what I am

Up to me

I'm gonna


All directions

Reactionary Vicarious Self Identification

One year and several lifetimes later...

Utterly Normal

Everywhere I Go

I'm a spoiled rotten brat

Three Dreams

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