The Trail of Weirdness

Trail - to follow a person or animal either by staying close but out of sight or by looking for signs of movement left behind, for example, footprints or scent; to be losing in a race, match, or competition; to be pulled or dragged along, or to pull or drag something along; to hang, grow, or float loosely; to tow something; to make a trackthrough a place; a route through the countryside that links paths and points of interest; a sequence of marks left by somebody or something moving along a surface; a scent or track that is followed in a hunt; a path or track, especially one that has been beaten through a wild area (multiple sources consolidated)

Weirdness - strange or unusual; belonging to or suggesting the supernatural; relating to or influenced by fate (multiple sources consolidated)

Author's definition: the trail of weirdness stretches out from eternal darkness into the blinding light that is invisible and the deafening sound that one strains to hear, moving in no particular direction but always the right one, it is infinite, always, all ways, knowing instinctively, always, all ways, loving unconditionally always, all ways, and with a rage too strong to be controlled when it shouldn't be; what we wake up to everyday, usually without any idea whatsoever

On the Trail of Weirdness


Let Go

Returning to the Trail of Weirdness

Spaghetti Sauce from Scratch

A Little Bit Crazy


A Day's Drive

Lost and Found on the Trail of Weirdness

Bottomless Pit

Love is not the answer

To go home...

Day in Day out

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