Three Dreams

Beginnings and endings
Babies, fire and ashes
Fond farewells and happy hellos
These in-between days
Becoming and unbecoming
At once old and new
Endings and beginnings

Shedding certainty
Gathering possibility
Engaging fears
Accepting ambiguities
Unlearning doubts
Scaredy cats acting natural
Trying not to fake it
Reacclimating anxieties
Letting go
Spreading out
Embracing entropy
Breaking it down again
Living premonitions
Rebuilding a life
Growing a home
Making and remaking friends
Reinventing childhood
“Changing into whatever it is I am changing into”
Relearning the past
Remembering the future
Reexamining labor and love
Dreaming community
Rediscovering families
Redefining revolution
Holding each other
Witnessing life
Burning dreams and starting over

“To see how far I’ve come”
To end at the beginning
To find what I didn’t know was lost
To regain a part of my soul
To build a future within the past
To "know my name as it's called again"
To go home…
To go home…
To go home would be a dream