Iím a spoiled rotten brat

I often bemoan patriarchy, government, capitalism and the socially unjust status quo, yet here I sit doing absolutely nothing to counteract any of them or any of the above, hierarchically speaking. Worse yet, Iím all too anxious to criticize anyone who is trying to counteract them. One groupís not organized enough, another is too restrictive or rigid, others are at the mercy of their imperialist funders, many of them canít work together, and some of them donít even want to. I guess you could say Iím protesting the protesters, or you would if you were me. You might actually say something quite different, such as: Iíve grown complacent in my comfortable status quo existence; Iíve been absorbed into the economic order; I have a vested interest in the Ďsystem.í Youíd be right: to counteract any of the above at this point amounts to self-destruction. Iíve taken my place as a cog, and cogs donít counteract anything. Sometimes however, things counteract cogs.