Now Spread Out

Now – the present time, at this moment; without further delay, at once, immediately; in the immediate past, very recently; at this point in the series of events, at the time referred to; then, next; at times, sometimes; at a time very close to the present, very recently, not long ago; very soon; given the situation, with things as they are, under the circumstances, as things stand; in the present times, nowadays; used to introduce a statement or question; used to strengthen a command (multiple sources consolidated)

Spread – to draw out so as to display more fully, open or stretch out so as to cover more space, unfold or unfurl; to exhibit or display the full extent of, to make a wide or extensive arrangement of; to move apart; to distribute, scatter, or disperse over a surface, area or time; to distribute among a group; to distribute in a thin layer; to cover with a layer; to extend or prolong in time; to cause to be widely or more widely known, felt, existent or seen, to distribute widely, disseminate, propagate, diffuse, scatter, send out; to cover, overlay; to become separated, to push apart or farther apart, to make wider the gap between; to record in full, enter; to flatten out; to prepare, to arrange; to be extended or enlarged; the act of spreading; an open area of land, an expanse, a ranch, a farm or an estate; the extent or limit to which something is or can be spread, range; a difference (multiple sources consolidated)

Out – in a direction away from the inside, away from the center or middle; away from a usual place, out of normal position; from inside a building or shelter into the open air, beyond or outside of; from within a container or source; from among others; to exhaustion or depletion; into extinction or imperceptibility; to a finish or a conclusion; to the fullest extent or degree; in or into competition or directed effort; in or into a state of unconsciousness; into being or evident existence; into public circulation; into view, sight or notice, to become known; without inhibition, boldly; into possession of another or others; into disuse or an unfashionable status; into a state of deprivation or loss; in the time following, afterward; exterior, external; directed away from a place or center, outgoing; traveling or landing out-of-bounds; not to be considered or permitted; away from, forth from, through; within the area of; a means of escape; removed from a place, position, or situation; away from home; on strike; to a conclusion or result; in full bloom, or in leaf; from existence, operation or activity; forcefully, aloud; beyond a regular or normal surface, condition or position; from one state or agreement into another; from a number, group or stock; beyond regular limits; outlying, remote; away from work, school, etc; bared because of torn clothing, etc; deviating from what is accurate or right; not in effective use or operation, turned off, extinguished, not operating or operational; not to be considered, not possible; in disagreement, at variance; one that is out, one that is not successful or in power; deliberating in order to reach a verdict; the omission of a word or words; the word or words omitted (multiple sources consolidated)

Author’s definition: the opposite of sinking or disappearing into one’s self; to let one’s self be known; to make connections with others; to be part of something larger than one’s self

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