Myself in the Mirror

I realize now.
I thought
I knew what
I was looking for.
I was caught by a distraction.
I pretended it was what
I needed.
I hoped it was what
I needed.
I dreamt it was what
I needed.
I fantasized it was what
I needed.
I knew
I was searching for something
I wanted.
I fooled myself.
I didn't even know it.
I blinded myself from what
I truly desired.
I overlooked it.
I missed it.
I ran from it.
I ignored it.
I lied about it.
I was scared of it.
I stumbled around it.
I disrespected it.
I denied it.
I abused it.
I hurt it.
I restricted it.
I couldn't accept it.
I wouldn't let it.
I gave up on it.
I belittled it.
I hid from it.
I sheltered it.
I starved it.
I didn't recognize it.
It found me.
It fell on me.
It followed me.
It attended me.
It taught me.
It faced me.
It smoothed me.
It respected me.
It accepted me.
It pampered me.
It patched me.
It flooded me.
It welcomed me.
It allowed me.
It bet on me.
It admired me.
It searched for me.
It comforted me.
It fed me.
It mirrored me.