I am what I am

I am what I am. I am a product of, I am a reaction to, I am the image of, I am the double image of, I am in relation to, I am from, I am of my own reality.

I will accept what I am, I will realize and understand what I am, I will strive to accept and realize and understand what I am.

I am the violence of, I am the serenity of, I am the humility of, I am the ignorance of, I am the enlightenment of, I am the answer to my own reality.

I am my own behavior, I am my own actions, I am my own thoughts, I am my own ego, I am my own yearnings, I am my own shortcomings, I am my own downfalls, I am my own reality.


It seems every time I find myself
     believing I understand who I am
     something happens to destroy the image.

For my own sake, I have decided
     that there is no such thing
     as a clear self-identity.

Vagueness and loose connections
     provide definitions easily intertwined
     with self-serving perceptions.

Nothing can explain who I am
     there are only my thoughts and emotions
     and reflections in an ever-changing world.