All directions

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re busting out in all directions at the same time? It can be a rather unnerving sensation. I was just catching my breath from outrunning oblivion and discovering that the moon had stolen my heart while I was distracted by someone who didn’t want it when I found myself searching for a dead body in the woods and dreaming of lost friends who need my help but cannot be located and meanwhile driving, driving, driving, driving, driving… Tripping over thoughts and drowning in emotions. Running around in circles that seldom look familiar but continually repeat themselves – timing off one day and on the next – and every wall must be covered in my butting head’s blood before it will give way to the next. My mind has outrun my heart and time has outrun the both of us leaving me in a space that is actually starting to feel comfortable. Wouldn’t life be boring if we didn’t live it? I’m really not sure what I would do if suddenly things started making sense – that would truly confuse me!