A walk in the woods

They appeared together, but they disappeared taking turns. He was first; got taken for a walk in the woods and never came back. We searched, but no body – nobody had seen him. She didn’t know what to do. She fretted, she cried, she sipped her whiskey, she showed the gas station attendants his picture, she worried; she had nothing to go on. He could’ve left her, but after nine years and without saying anything? He could’ve been scared off, but not that easily. Maybe he went to Tennessee or Alabama, for a walk in the woods, or a hang in a tree, or a lie in a ditch. He never came back. He became disappeared, as did she the next day: nowhere to be found, just disappeared. Did they both go to Tennessee? Did she even find her dog? She’s got my bag; I hope it’s enough to keep her warm.