Valentine's Day

On February 14, celebrate Pick Yer Nose Day. Every time you see a couple being lovey or romantic, shove a finger up your nose in front of them. This is not to offend or disrespect, but to remind them that love is a gross and messy business. Love has nothing to do with that bizarre phenomenon known as “falling in love.” Lasting love (forget romance – nothing but lies packaged and sold by patriarchy; real love transcends lovers, couples, partners, duos and especially marriage; real love is communal, societal, public) requires that you be willing to get your hands dirty, to go places emotionally and psychologically that you may have never been or have resisted in the past, to expose all of your messiness and grossness and witness all the messiness and grossness others have to offer without judgment, to delve into all of that messiness and grossness to help each other sort out all the shit, and to accept that it will never all be completely sorted out and that some shit will be stuck to each of us forever. One last thing: those of you who decide to celebrate Pick Yer Nose Day, please don’t forget to wash your hands. Really, that’s just gross.