She Named Herself

She named herself, of many to their dismay
Willfully shed her assigned past display
Embraced her new, tossed old away
And happily and free went about her day

As alluded to above, some were taken aback
Hell from below had knocked them off track
Quickly fell they to confused, defensive tack
As if naming oneself was affront or attack

Names are frozen, static and fatally final
Labels, assumptions, toe tags and taps spinal
Anchors and expectations weighting eternal
All becomes nothing, vice versa, in self-baptismal

Naming is the power on which rests every crown
It is the namers’ divisions in which we all drown
The named and the blamed, all stuck in the brown
With one simple act, she turns all upside down

Renaming renews all prospects of change
From which defensively namers would us estrange
No longer could named the namers derange
Were we a tradition of self-naming to arrange

The offended, with time, make their transitions
From their confusion springs strange interactions
Leading them to newer and deeper relations
Of the act of self-naming, the organic reactions

Her act and the fact that with me she would share
Inspired, awed, proud and happily too I did fare
For nowhere is one more empowered and aware
Now here she herself gives her own name to wear