Open Letter to America

July 4, 1995

Dear America,

I sincerely and whole-heartedly invite you, humbly and respectfully request of you, urgently and steadfastly demand of you, earnestly and desperately beg of youÖ

Stop everything! Just stop it! Please, take a moment to look around, to consider and remember, just whose life are you living?

Everythingís wrong, everythingís wrong, nothing is turning out the way we expected, the way we planned, the way we wanted and prayed for all this time.

Please tell me, maybe I am wrong, but where is there peace? Where is there safety and security, comfort? Where is the humanity, the dignity, the respect, the sincerity? Where is the human spirit, the community, the unity?

Iím tired of listening to the lies, Iím fed up with the deception. I donít want to be here anymore, but thereís nowhere else to go. Is this what the dream was meant to be? Or is it just what we got stuck with?

America, Iím sorry, but itís time you should know. Youíre dead, face down, belly up or whatever. This is it Ė this is all we have to offer. Are you happy? Do we even know what happiness is? Are we sure itís not just the prozac, or the t.v., or the radiation, or the shopping malls? How many jobs are you working now? Just who is it that is benefitting from all of our hard work?

America, we are the lost ones, wandering in oblivion, blind without memory. Sometime I wish I could be America, so trusting, so believing, but I just canít buy it anymore. I canít believe in you, America.

Soon we too will be consumed by the nightmare that has already engulfed the majority of the worldís population and which emanates directly from our own dreamscape. Soon we too will experience hunger, cold and poverty. Soon we too will know despair and hopelessness. Maybe at that time, we will finally find it within ourselves to accord others the amount of respect and dignity deserved and realize that we do indeed have something to learn from the dispossessed and disenfranchised of this nation and others. Only with this realization will the nightmares end and can we begin living once again, not as in a dream, which is all we know, but this time for real. Can you even imagine it?

Of course, we donít really have to wait that longÖ