Love is not the answer

Love is most certainly not the answer.
It is merely one small part.
Anger also is part of the answer.
And empathy and compassion.
Listening, thinking, searching and speaking.

Love is of course quite necessary.
Along with turmoil and confusion.
Embarrassment is inevitable.
As is righteousness and foolishness.
Waiting, watching, anticipating and acting.

Love is there to be sure.
But no answer can be that simple.
There will be fear and despair.
And joy, hope and passion.
Being, opening, dreaming and dancing.

Love should definitely not be forgotten.
Even during humiliation and violation.
Especially not in struggle and justice.
But least of all in violence and victory.
Winning, losing, crying and celebrating.

Love is in the answer.
As is rage and desperation.
Loneliness and isolation, no less.
Yet, communion too and relief.
Talking, giving, laughing and loving.