Lost and Found
on the Trail of Weirdness

Time and space make no difference when you are to receive a calling. Thousands of miles can pass in moments and moments can last for eternity. Follow you heart, I've been known to say, especially when it seems so illogical as to be the one thing not meant to be. Doubts will occur, no doubt they will, but fade as coincidences pass and come to be. Realizations come along untraceable paths because they are not meant to be traced, but rather followed, fulfilled, elaborated, and suddenly there it is, the why and reason. Always surfacing, arising from moments of confusion at the most unexpected time. Always culminating, clarified and put into focus in a predetermined, unforeseen space. Miles of moments and moments for miles, and suddenly a question has been answered, direction is more focused, goals crystallized, and purpose is understood that much more clearly. Lost and found on the trail of weirdness.