July Fourth Aftermath

July 4, 2008

Driving through town this afternoon, I was witness to the July 4th aftermath of confetti, streamers, candy wrappers and miscellaneous patriotic celebration paraphernalia, not to mention a few old political campaign signs from the city election two months ago thrown in for good measure – all strewn about like so much trash left as a trail to follow the path of this morning’s war-time independence day parade.

Tonight, the celebration will continue with a shameless glorification of warfare through the beautiful and public display of the original explosives, without which life just would not be the same today. The blasts will be heard for miles around, and the wildlife will respond more appropriately than the celebrators by running in fright from the scene of the battle. If a fire catches, will they call them WMDs?

Surely, much later tonight, crews will be dispatched to collect all evidence, to sweep the streets clean, to stash away all the explosive devices and to squelch any fires that may have resulted, and, tomorrow, life and war will resume as before the celebration began.