To-do list of a Dictator-for-a-Day

7 a.m., arrive at work

1. Establish the inherent right of all people, by virtue of their existence, to the following:
 • Respect, dignity and self-expression
 • Yummy and nutritious food
 • Safe and comfortable housing
 • Violent free communities
 • Comprehensive and readily accessible birth-to-death healthcare with no restrictions
 • Free and valuable education, pre-k through Ph.D.
 • Efficient and extensive free public transit
 • Meaningful jobs with just compensation
 • A clean and healthy environment
 • Equal, fair and vast opportunities to grow personally and participate in community
 • Self empowerment and unconditional love
 • Enjoyment of life and all manner of “beautiful radiant things”

8 a.m., coffee break

2. Cancel all war plans, close all military bases and send all service members home.
 a. Divert all war spending to domestic needs; provide adequate job training and health care to returning service members.

3. Forgive foreign debts and relinquish all control of foreign economies.
 a. Make reparations where necessary and offer “no strings attached” assistance as requested and able.

4. Recognize complete and total sovereignty of all first nations.
 a. Cooperate directly with tribes in all decisions that may affect them.

5. Free all political prisoners, “drug war” captives and non-violent offenders.
 a. Implement genuine personal and social rehabilitation programs for remaining convicts.

6. Seize all empty houses, apartments and other housing units and immediately turn over to anyone who needs a home.
 a. Thereupon ownership of all occupancies will be conferred upon their occupants.

7. Expropriate food and essential living items from distributors and retailers and provide to anyone in need.
 a. It will not be called charity; call it justice.

12 p.m., lunch break

8. Abolish money.
9. Abolish borders.
10. Abolish mirrors.
11. Abolish t.v.
12. Abolish the Gregorian calendar.
13. Abolish mechanized time.
14. Abolish IQ tests.
15. Abolish the drug war.
16. Abolish prisons and jails.
17. Abolish laws.

4 p.m., cocktail break

18. Institute comprehensive non-violence training at all levels of public education, from students to administrators; offer for free to parents and community members. Institute reforms throughout education system to empower all users with equal decision-making influence.

19. Institute equal and fair wealth redistribution program, with particular attention given to unreimbursed historical material and labor contributions/thefts made by/against all manner of “ragged trousered philanthropists,” despite the absence or evident degree of complicity, past or current.

20. Institute micro-levels of community representation and empower local decisions to overrule regional representatives within given locale. Allow local control of any necessary borders to enable the most appropriate size, placement, etc of the micro-communities; as any splinter groups occur, they are to be immediately recognized as independent bodies. Place control of all basic-need delivery systems with the most local level of representation as possible, considering the separate dynamics of physical delivery systems and human delivery systems, and based on sound scientific analysis of local and regional production and needs. Note: extensive cooperation amongst various entities is deemed to be highly advantageous and is strongly encouraged.

21. Institute work place organizational structures that offer equal decision-making influence to all workforce members; eliminate unnecessary and meaningless jobs, including most if not all administrative positions, and redistribute the work load amongst all available workers by reducing work hours but not compensation.

22. Institute mandatory disarmament across the board; all guns and weapons are to be destroyed in a safe manner and recycled into something necessary.

23. Institute one and only law: no one is allowed to tell anyone else what to do, neither by coercion, manipulation, threat nor violence; individual autonomy supersedes any and all other decision-making bodies; unless otherwise agreed to, individuals are only bound to each other in maintaining watch over this one law, and coming to each others’ aid should anyone attempt to control another, either by coercion, manipulation, threat or violence, in violation of this one law.

24. Renounce position as dictator and appeal to the people that they never recognize another.

7 p.m., call it a day

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