A Day's Drive

160 east, 89 to 191




Completely overcast. No sunrise. Lazy, gradual replacement of black with gray. Sleepy. Desert. Long, dark horizon. Muted reds and browns alongside and breaking the sky, and faded greens and yellows cuddling throughout. Subtle. Blurred. Waiting. Slumber.

191 north, 160 to 163




Deeper. Darkening skies. Darkening land. Darkening foliage. From muted colors back to grays. Enormous black bowls of clouds hovering low and, slowly, closer, spreading. Spilling streaming haziness in the distance. Full, heavy, yearning. Hanging against the silhouetted land forms, eerily dry.

191 south, 163 to 160




Release. Pouring forth. Giving in. Splitting open. Letting go. Dissolution and sun. Water cleansing. Color explosion and distinction. Waking up late and vigorous. Brilliant red land against black and white clouds against blue and sky. Land bustling with dozens of distinctly mingling greens and yellows. Alive. Clean.

160 west, 191 to 89



Clouds. Wispy, wavy, transparent; pillowed, fluffy, rolling; dark, low, menacing; solid, long, sweeping; full, high, moving; spiked, black, reaching; all present in contrasting layers and regions and breaking with streaming sun and blue sky throughout. More release, more waking of colors, vivid, running, gathering, rising, falling, cleansing, crashing, becoming…, and slowly, slowly. Again fading and drifting. Melding. Disappearing. Hiding. Sleeping. Darkness. Slow. Easy. Rest.