Bottomless Pit

They said it was bottomless,

that to find its end was impossible.

I took it for granted that

what they said was true.

I took it for granted until I met you.

“Nothing’s impossible,” is what you always said,

“Never say can’t,” and, “You don’t have to bleed red.”

You proved these through your actions,

and made all your dreams come true.

So I got my stuff together and

decided to prove them wrong.

I stood at the edge of that hole

and thought about yesterday, tomorrow and now.

I closed my eyes and saw your face,

and then suddenly my own was in its place.

I didn’t know what it meant; I thought it was good.

So with that feeling of satisfaction, I lifted one foot.

I slowly extended it out over the impossible.

I went to stamp it out, show them I could do it,

and began my dissent.

I did it! I did it! Nothing’s impossible! Never say can’t!

But now I’m gone; I looked back at my own body

and realized it was dead, and all around it

the color of red.