American Dream


Today the headlines say, “American Dream is Crock of Shit.”

The story begins, “the only streets here that are paved with gold are also armed with well-armed policemen [not to forget the policewomen] who refuse to answer any questions and will only say, ‘move on, keep moving,’ and, if your brown-skinned, ‘papers please.’”

USA Today reports on the “American Royalty” at the State dinner for world-renowned tyrant Jiang Zemin and includes on the list of “royalty” almost a dozen corporate CEOs eager to make business deals with the fascists. The same corporations who, with the help of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, have been waging World War III for at least the past three decades in so-called third world nations.

Meanwhile there is token mention made of the democratic protests along the dictator’s red, white and blue trail of carpet against China’s poor human rights record, while at this very moment the USA is conducting forced relocations of indigenous peoples, continues to build prisons while our incarceration rate already exceeds that of any other nation, and which hold dozens if not hundreds of world recognized but locally ignored political prisoners.

And on NPR they casually inform us that Mr. President Clinton today is meeting “ to rub shoulders” with those folks kind enough to have given him $50,000 or more on the campaign trail, dismissing any mention of the steadily increasing numbers of homeless and hungry in this country and around the world.

The American Dream has been bought and sold while we were watching t.v. The t.v.s, newspapers and radios know it, and sometimes they forget to hide it very well. But it still goes unnoticed. Perhaps there is a reality show in the making here…