Sunrise Prayer

This prayer from the East
Yearns for your release

With each new day’s start
It calls to your heart

A message of life
Amidst the strife

A brilliant ball of fire
That calls to your desire

Presenting everything anew
As a gift to you

Its own grand reaction
To your unique imagination

Bringing with it the healing
That will lead you to feeling

Carrying wisdom and learning
And insight like burning

A profession of love
Raining down from above

Illuminating your fears
And washing them with tears

In a simple way reflective
It grants you new perspective

Showing you the light
And comforting the backbite

Demonstrating in pure essence
The importance of your presence

It glows with your potential
A reminder that you are special

Offering all that you need
That you should be freed

Emanating pure being
Providing you with meaning

Showering you with day
And beckons that you may

If only you should choose
To follow in its shoes

Wanting only to give you a kiss
An honor none shall miss

And just one earnest plea
Remember me