Something New

The best times are not spent alone, nor in isolation, but in relation Ė not validation, but knowing Ė earnest communication with and without words. Itís what I fear most until it happens.

Whoís to say cheap is cheap and whatís becoming or telling. We donít even know what freedom looks like, or is it feels, like?

By the time I learned to talk, I had forgotten what is important.

I know Iíll continue to fuck it all up Ė itís the only thing Iíve ever been consistent at. And I know my conclusions have been perverted to hide the truth from myself. These half-witted attempts to learn from it all may or may not pan out, but, for the record, I am in love with all of you.

I only want you to be happy, however selfish, for that is what makes me happy. I donít like knowing the truth, not because it makes me uncomfortable, but because it breaks my heart.

I never thought Iíd be the guy at the wedding with the woman I want to resist to love.

I never thought falling in love would be such a disaster.

I never thought this course of events would lead me to my brother, again.

The magic is simply love, and you never have to wait for it to take the first step, nor should you.

Wanting the best, or simple happiness, for loved ones from all directions.

Why canít you, wonít you, be loved? All that is necessary is to realize.

The magic could be in the sun, but more likely in the sons and the daughters, the daughters and nieces and sisters and all my mothers. I just want their pain to go away Ė nothing more.

This is a new love and the oldest. I want to think this is something other than love, more than love, something new.