Returning to the Trail of Weirdness

...turn around and there it is, right behind you waiting, teasing you and laughing at the look of surprise on your face, a little nudge here, a poke there, jumping out from behind corners seldom seen in advance, and whispering ever-so softly, boo!, a sound that burns the ears, that wonderful burning that spreads to the heart and squeezes so that all the love oozes out and runs all over, knowing that once released it will almost inevitably swell right back up even larger, even stronger than before and lie in wait once again in some not-so-dark crook or cranny, but conveniently placed just out of sight, never to be seen actually but only heard when things slow down enough, when all is clear, even if only for a moment, some predestined and entirely unpredictable moment, and someone will come along and something will release it from inside of you and you'll feel yourself whispering ever so softly, boo!, and you'll laugh at the look of surprise on their face.