Anarchy is only the best of me

What you are about to read is simply one person’s perspective: one man; one white man; one middle class white man; one heterosexual middle class white man; one able-bodied, average sized, bachelor degreed American, heterosexual middle class white man’s perspective on the world as I know it – as if we need yet another abasbdahmcwm’s perspective on anything else at this point – but hey, at least I’m not a abasddahmcwm. One thing that might differentiate me from most other abasbdahmcwms is that I fancy myself an anarchist; I suppose you might call me a abasbdahmcwma. Still, there are others like me out there I suspect, but when you add my Mormon background and current principled atheism (ma-abasbdahmcwma), my activist background and current disillusionment with the potential of activism (maad-abasbdahmcwma), my volunteer background and current publicly supported employment (maadvp-abasbdahmcwma), and my connected background and current virtual withdrawal from the world (maadvpcw-abasbdahmcwma), all within my nearly 20-year relationship with anarchism, including having helped raise two anarchist daughters (potentially the most important thing I will ever do), then you can begin to see why I might think that I have some perspective otherwise unique to offer, or for which the apparent self-obsession at least helps to explain why I am wasting precious resources (not to mention letters) to write this drivel. By the way, did I mention my parents are still married, to each other? (maadvpcwmp-abasbdahmcwma) And on and on – the point of what comes next is primarily concerned with the last a: anarchist; what came before was little more than a disclaimer.